This is various poetry that I have been writing since Feb. 2011. Most of it was written in a DV Shelter. Hope you enjoy it 😉

Thankfully S.A.F.E.!!!

Today is the end of a chapter we had
Here in this area that’s been nothing but sad
Trapped we have been in the Bay since the day that we came
Shattering our lives, nothing was ever the same

We came with high hopes, a new start it was to be
Not knowing that fate held things we could not see
The end to our dreams came the day that you died
Keeping you with us didn’t work no matter how hard I tried

The grief, lonliness, sadness and hurt over came me
The dreams of our life together never came to be
I tried to stay here, to live as I could
Hoping to find a new life as I should

But again fate with her all knowing hand
Turned the tide of my life and shifted the sand
Struggling I was trying to stay on my feet
Looking for something to make me complete

Rather instead what I found was a life that wasn’t my own
Controlling and abusive the lies they did drone
Each day it was spent walking on egg shells
In this world my own living hell

But rather than continue that way
I reached out to someone and to her I did say
Help us, we’re trapped in this world he is making
I stretched out my hand all the while shaking

She pulled me to my feet as she took my hand
and with her help and support she helped me to stand
Little by little she helped me see through the fog
No longer was I drowning in my emotional bog

She brought us here to this S.A.F.E haven she had
She stayed by my side through all the good and the bad
Patiently waiting for to me to decide
The hurt, pain and abuse from her I could not hide

Caring, understanding, and supportive she’s been
Cheering me through this battle I could win
Slowly but surely my strength did return
Independence was mine from her I did learn

Starting over, it was time to live life to the fullest
For me and my girls I have to do what is best
A new chapter is beginning, forward now we go
The seed of our new life is already starting to grow

Thank you so much to all the advocates here
Especially my new friend, you will always be dear
You stood here beside me though the hard part
Patiently waiting for me to have a new start

In debt to you I will always be
For you opened your arms and helped me to see
Through this fog I was in wandering all alone
You opened the door and gave us a home

You helped to mend my heart and my wings
To fly into this new world and all that it brings
So fly away we shall to a new life to be had
For the help that you gave we’ll always be glad

Thank you again for all that you’ve done
Helping me fight this battle that we won
To Becky, Alberta, Karen and all the S.A.F.E. staff
These words that I say can’t offer the Thanks not by half

Quyana Cakneq to you ALL!!
I can now stand proud, strong and tall
Thank you for all the help, understanding and caring
The support in this endeavor that I am now daring

Thank you!!!



Walking, walking, look who’s walking
Talking, talking, look who’s talking
Toddle here, toddle there
Toddle, toddle everywhere

Learning words as fast as can be
Hear them, say them, speak can she
“MINE, No, Don’t touch” and even Yup’ik too
Everyday we hear atleast 10 words new

Growing, learning, talking, turning
Hurry quick daylight’s burning
So fast she grows, she never slows
Her daddy’s girl so much it shows

Way to go my little baby
She’ll soon surpass big sister maybe
Love to watch her grow and learn
My pride & joy each day she does earn

How I wish her daddy was here
To join me in this joy so dear
Although he may not be here with me
I know his spirit is here to see

Every step, every word, every milestone we reach
Everything that we teach
I know he guides us from above
Always showing us his continued love!



We each have battles everyday
As we struggle to find our new way
To some they are big, others small
But everyone has them one and all

Do not take your anger out on one another
Rather instead be kind to the other
Do your job, find your way
Always be thoughtful of what you say

You never know what another faces
This is one of our safe places
Hold your tongue, bit your lip
Rather than letting those hurtful words slip

Treat everyone as you’d like to be treated
Don’t kick them when they already feel defeated
Be kind, be gentle, speak with care
For this is the temporary home we must share



Starting over, beginning again
Trying to escape the place that we’ve been
Each day filled with hope, wonder and fear
Knowing a new better future is near

Forward we go trying to hold our heads high
Not letting anyone know each night we cry
Scared to move forward, but we cannot go back
Do the best by our children, we must stay on track

Conquer our fears, try to stand up straight
For our life’s just beginning, it’s never too late
Although we may struggle to just get out of bed
We must always remember that we are not dead

The past it is gone, it cannot be changed
A new life is here, although it is strange
Learning to live on our own without him
Our futures are bright, full of life, not dim

So be brave, be proud, look ahead not behind
With your eyes open so that you’ll find
The world is now here all for our taking
The past, this vicious cycle we are breaking



We come to this place, our fates are unknown
Our strength, freedom, power and abilities we’re shown
No longer in fear for our safety and well being
Our eyes wide open, a new world we’re seeing

At times we have fear, other’s we’re strong
We learn that the abuse we suffered was wrong
The pain, manipulation, fear and control
On our hearts and our souls did take its toll

But like butterflies who emerge from cocoon
We pick ourselves up, spread our wings, and will fly soon
Each day we mature, learn and move ahead
Our power grows stronger each time we get out of bed

The battles, struggles and every day ups and downs
Some bring smiles while others make us frown
Hold our heads up high, move forward each day
As we go through this stage and find a new way

The things we now face are scary and all new
Move forward on this path is something we must do
Trial and error, happy and sad, testing our new wings
Ready soon to face this new life and what it brings!


Empowered are we

Our past is done, already been told
The future is waiting yet to unfold
We each have our hurts, loves and pain
We’ve learned important lessons again and again

Stay true to ourselves, and also our kids
Remembering the strength to leave as we did
No longer are we victims who gave up their power
For in each of us our strength grows by the hour

Our babies need us to make wise choices
And to never forget that we all have voices
For protect them and us we always must do
A whole world for the taking and starting anew

So hold your head high, you must fight to not drown
Now we are here with our feet on the ground
Keep going each day no matter how hard it may be
Sisters, survivors, fighters are we!


It Happens

Life here in shelter is anything but fair
The space that we live in we all must share
Privacy non-existent, the walls are too thin
We sit here and try for a new life to begin

Tolerance, calm and patience exercise these we must
For none of us expected this place we’ve been thrust
Each day we make an effort to get along
Albeit we all through life sing a different song

Sometimes we may get on another’s nerves
But stay on our own path and try not to swerve
When tensions are high and we think we might burst
Remember simply that ourselves and our children come first

So whether you’re happy, mad, sad, or grumpy
We all are on this path an it sure is bumpy
Watch your temper, bite your tongue, and always think
Let the little tings go, don’t raise a stink

Remember our time here in shelter will soon end
The less dwelling on the small stuff we should spend
Instead look ahead to what the future will hold
Be considerate, proud and move forward bold!


Learning to be free!

Before we were trapped, never free
Lost we were, not knowing what to be
Always another’s happiness we sought to achieve
Suffering from abuse in ourselves we didn’t believe

We reached out for help and called this place
Hands trembling, voice quivering, our hearts did race
On the end of the line we found a calm voice
Offering support, comfort and a new life choice

Safe we are now learning a new way to live
Glad for the support and help that they give
Struggle though we might each and every day
All of us find strength a new way

Stronger every minute, every hour we grow
Belief in ourselves, our power we show
Free from abuse our lives will be
Hope in the future, no longer clouded…



Life Here

Life is not easy in a domestic violence shelter
With highs and lows emotions swelter
We each came here and have a story to tell
We all escaped our own kind of hell

Some days we’re strong, others we’re weak
A new future, a new place, safety we seek
Tensions run high with this type of living
The best for our children we hope we’re giving

Many mornings we simply wish to awake
And find it’s just been a dream, a mistake
For none of us thought we’d end up here
Not once, not ever in a million years

With love, fear and patience and hope
Each day we climb this slippery slope
We laugh, we hurt, we smile, and we cry
Soon our wings we’ll spread and from here




This life that we now lead
Our souls hurt & hearts bleed
although the bruises they did heal
The past hurt we still do feel

We had the courage to get out
The ones we left still cry & pout
But ourselves it’s time to put first
It’s safety, freedom, strength we do thirst

The ghosts from abuse haunt us still
For our lives & power we fight with all our will
Resist the urge, fight the fear
For we know we are better off here

They still call, they want us back
But the abuse will resume, that’s a fact
So instead here we must remain
Ignore our hearts, use instead our brain

Because we know if to them we return
The promises & hopes to ashes will burn
Stay strong, fight for ourselves we must try! We’ve escaped the abuse it’s now time to…


Our True Strength

This fear we have we do not know
We fight each day our strength we show
A new life, a new way, we now start
We hope and pray with all our heart

On our own we are now a single mother
No longer having the support of another
Each choice we make, each lesson learned
None are easy, they all must be earned

How will we cope on this new path we take
So much to do, so much at stake
Work each day and protect our children we must
For they are young and in us they put their trust

Keep our strength, boundaries we now maintain
For none of us wants to suffer anymore pain
So face our fears, accept what’s new
To our children and ourselves we must always be true!


March 20, 2011


Safe and secure we should be here
Here we should have no fear
Each one of us must be true
Although sometimes we are blue

Rules are here to keep us secure
They are set, their lines don’t blur
So think before you abuse
For others safety you risk when you use

The children, they are afraid
When their safety your sobriety you trade
None of us here should have that worry
Or to hide in our rooms we scurry

For although you think you hide it well
Your behavior and breath a different story tell
So for now please on the wagon remain
Do not cause the rest of us fear and pain


Surviving Together

Thrown together we are here
Seeking shelter, escaping fear
Clinging to our lives with hope
Each day we struggle just to cope

Respect one another, try to get along
Trying to fix everything that is wrong
Fighting for our lives, a battle everyday
Each just blundering along hoping to find our way

Sisters and survivors are what we are
Our children are our guiding star
Although our futures we are uncertain
Remember each and every one of us is hurting

So be patient, respectful and kind
To others hurt we cannot be blind
For remember we must live as one
Until our journey here is done


A better home

The tone it has changed here in this home
No longer do we wish our rooms were padded with foam
Instead there is laughter and smiles galore
The tension and friction lingers no more

In the air you can feel the positive change
The environment more like a home no long so strange
The children are happy without all the strife
Almost like we are living a more normal life

So thanks to each and every resident
The positive moods and tones are more and more evident
Keep up the hard work, for when we help one another
The advocates no longer have the act as our mothers

Although our time together here is temporary for now
And the ever present desserts may make us feel like a cow
We can spend our time looking forward each day
And give thanks we have some place safe to stay!



Alas it’s here, who woulda knew
The ugly nasty bug we call FLU
This time it’s mean and oh so bad
Running to the bathroom…sad

Both girls they had it, now they’re good
But spread it did as a virus would
My tummy aches and so does my head
Wish I could just stay in bed

But Mom’s I fear we never get a break
Despite how bad our bowels might quake
Give thanks for the medicine I have now
Without it survive I don’t know how

I have no wonder why the girls they whined
The aches and pains unbearable I find
This winter I missed my flu shot
Never again will I go with not

But better I must be feeling
These aches and pains I am dealing
For now I atleast can sit and write
No longer running to the bathroom in FRIGHT!!!


Shelter Blues

Life it is hard in the shelter here
Each day a struggle, we battle our fear
Always trying to find ways needed cope
Fighting for the future that is full of hope

Sometimes it’s a battle to just keep trying
Many times we go to bed crying
We each fight a war that we all must win
A new life we are waiting to begin again

Frustration, sadness & loneliness too
We can’t help but to sometimes feel blue
This communal living brings it’s ups and downs
To our children we smile and hide our frowns

We resent our time stuck in this space
As we each try to find our way to a new place
Resentment and anger our tempers do flare
Our children and selves we always must care

We know that our time here will come to an end
Our pain, sorrows, feelings and hearts they will mend
Heads up, hearts hopeful, patience and strength we must show
For from here we move ahead and continue to grow

So take care of ourselves and our kids we must do
Fight for the future that is unknown, scary and new
But strength in ourselves it does come from inside
We stood up, fought and are now full of pride

3 Responses to Poetry

  1. FEDUP!!! says:

    Beautiful how you can express your sentiments/the situations you had to deal with, Ann!

    May the future hold mostly positive things in store for you!
    (IMO, you do need some negatives just so you can appreciate all the positives, that’s why I said ‘mostly’. 😉 )
    But may the negative things never be bigger than you can handle, and may they come few and far apart! {{{HUGGGZZZ}}}

  2. annstrongheart says:

    I love writing poetry from my heart! It just flows out, maybe someday it will stop rhyming but for now Dr. Suess seems to have infected me with a rhyming bug that I haven’t been able to shake for well over a year LOL 😉

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