Waqaa! (Yup’ik for Hello!) My name is Ann Strongheart.  I am a widow, mother, veteran, advocate and aspiring writer. I live in Alaska with my two daughters.

Cecelia who is nearly 7 years old now.  She’s autistic with severe receptive/expressive language disorder along with sensory processing difficulties.  Two years ago she couldn’t talk and now ….wow….we’re actually working with OT and SLP to come up with strategies to learn when to stop talking!!  LOL

Glenna who is four and a half years old.  She is neurotypical and is now going through the “Why” stage…sigh…. She talks nonstop and everyone loves her.

Some of you may already know me from the blogging I did in the winter of 2008/2009 during the food and fuel crisis out on the Yukon, in rural Alaska.  Others may not know me at all.

I welcome you to my blog where I will be writing about my life this past couple of years since my husband passed away (August 18, 2009) while I was pregnant with our second child (Glenna born Nov. 2009) and the subsequent events, challenges, struggles and day to day happenings that occur in the Strongheart household.

Why am I blogging?  Because I just need to write it all down and get it all out.  Additionally, I hope to bring insight and hope to others who are facing some of the challenges that I have.  By providing information and telling my story I want to let others know that you are not alone, you are not trapped, you can succeed and escape domestic violence and face the challenges of raising a developmentally disabled child.

Enjoy! Comments are welcome! Please feel free to email me at nunamiquayouth (at) yahoo (dot) com!

Quyana Cakneq  (Yup’ik for Thank you Very Much!) for visiting my blog!


Ann Strongheart and the Strongheart Girls, Cecelia and Glenna 😉

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