Happy Birthday, Cecelia!

Well they were in order and now they’re jumbled but here are pictures from Cecelia’s 8th Birthday Party….Enjoy!



wpid-20150808_170440.jpg wpid-20150808_172118.jpg wpid-20150808_172105.jpg wpid-20150808_172059.jpg wpid-20150808_171017.jpg wpid-20150808_170458.jpg wpid-20150808_1704570.jpg wpid-20150808_170457.jpg wpid-20150808_170455.jpg wpid-20150808_170446.jpg wpid-20150808_170443.jpg wpid-20150808_172518.jpg wpid-20150808_172509.jpg wpid-20150808_172508.jpg wpid-20150808_172504.jpg wpid-20150808_172440.jpg wpid-20150808_172429.jpg wpid-20150808_172421.jpg wpid-20150808_172356.jpg wpid-20150808_172355.jpg wpid-20150808_172347.jpg wpid-20150808_172346.jpg wpid-20150808_172339.jpg wpid-20150808_172331.jpg wpid-20150808_172311.jpg wpid-20150808_172308.jpg wpid-20150808_172303.jpg wpid-20150808_172258.jpg wpid-20150808_172203.jpg wpid-20150808_172148.jpg wpid-20150808_172121.jpg wpid-20150808_174134.jpg wpid-20150808_172821.jpg wpid-20150808_172742.jpg wpid-20150808_172734.jpg wpid-20150808_172733.jpg wpid-20150808_172715.jpg wpid-20150808_172616.jpg wpid-20150808_172601.jpg wpid-20150808_172551.jpg wpid-20150808_172542.jpg wpid-20150808_172525.jpg



About annstrongheart

About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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