I will survive

Well I survived my biopsy.

I woke up yesterday morning scared, having a biopsy was the LAST thing I wanted to do. I was off from work for the day. My supervisor picked Glenna up and took her to Head Start. I got Cecelia on the school bus then…what?

Biopsy isn’t until 2 pm. So I goofed online, took a shower, did some housework and then my sis took me to lunch. After lunch we headed to the hospital,  I got checked in and we waited.

Then I was called back.  The tech went over the procedure with me. She checked to ensure the spot was still there via ultrasound again  and then went to get the doctor.

I waited…and waited. Really it was only a few minutes but my anxiety was building. The doctor came in,  shook my hand and asked if I had any questions.  I asked how deep was the “abnormality”? He said it was half between my skin and chest muscle. 

We talked about the metal clip he wanted to place inside my breast afterwards to mark the spot. I chose not to get it because I’m allergic to metals and didn’t want to risk it.

He washed up. Used the ultrasound to find where he would make the incision and insert the core biopsy needle. He marked where he was going to cut with a sharpie.  Then he cleaned my breast,  put a sterile drape over me. He told me that now he was going to do the local anesthetic.

This is the part I feared most.  I’ve had local anesthetic before when I had toenails removed and of course at the dentist and it flippin’ hurts. It was always the worst part by far.

He says that he takes this part very seriously.  I didn’t even feel the needle go in. A little warm but no huge burning sensation.  Wait! That’s it? Okay that was easy.

He keeps talking as they put a sterile covering on the ultrasound probe. Now it’s time for the deeper lidocaine injections.  He uses the ultrasound to guide him around the mass. Heck didn’t feel that either.  Just some wierd pressure.

Now it’s time to take the samples.  He’s using a vacuum assisted core biopsy thing. The sound it makes sucks. … literally it’s sucking breast tissue into it and then cutting it off and sucking it up.

Ugh the sound!  Blehhhhh. The tech had said he would do this 3 to 9 times.  And so I count….
1…. (imagine disgusting sucking noise here) click one down ….wonder how many more he’ll do…eyes closed not gonna watch. …breathe!!!)

2…. ( slurp)

3…. (slurp…..could that be it?)

4…. (slurp…ugh I wouldn’t wish this on anyone….should’ve worn Cecelia’s noise canceling earmuffs!)

5… ( breathe….don’t think about what’s actually happening)

6… ( don’t know how much more of this I can listen to. Breathe…start shaking a foot….eyes closed….I REFUSE to look at the ultrasound screen during this whole process!)

And he’s done! Oooh thank you! ! I don’t know how much more of that awful vacuum sound I could’ve taken!!!

NOW he shows me the ginormous 10 gauge needle that was just in my boob. Thank goodness he didn’t show me that BEFORE!!! That thing is monstrous!!!!!

Then it’s off to have 2 more mammogram films. Heck take as many as you want! My boob is numb…I can’t feel it being flattened into a pancake!

Back to the ultrasound room. The tech cleans the incision,  then puts three steristrips over it and a bandaid. We go over after care. She hands me some gauze and tells me to put it in my bra in case it oozes.

I get dressed and the doctor comes back and says his goodbyes checking once more to see if I have questions.

All done. I meet my sister in the waiting room and off we go. Grab a coffee on the way home. My hands are starting to shake as the lidocaine wears off but so far no pain.

My sis hangs out until her daughter is ready to be picked up, my girls have come home by then. Cecelia cleans her room with her staff supervising then they go get us all Subway for dinner.

We have a picnic in the living room while watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Then the girls head to bed. I’m starting to hurt some. I took ibuprofen with dinner and am sipping a glass of wine.

Reminding myself that I have to rest for 24 hours. I don’t do resting well. Watch some TV….ooh I can’t get comfortable.  Lay on one side…switch…ugh… it’s starting to hurt now.

It’s like he took a piece of my boob….oh wait…HE DID!!!!

MILD DISCOMFORT they said….bullshit! It’s really flippin’ hurting now! Vent on Facebook.  My sister sees my vent and calls. I go into the kitchen to see if I have Tylenol. ..we don’t take it so I don’t know if I have any. I find some but it’s expired. I know it’s still okay to use but then it occurs to me that I might have some vicodin left a dental appointment last year.

YES!! I have vicodin!  I take half of one and it’s all good again.  Sigh…. off to bed.

This morning we’re up. I just put Cecelia on the bus. Glenna is excited because she gets to stay home with mom today. It’s a day of rest and Netflix. I’ll try to make myself stay on the couch and rest. ..we’ll see how that goes. I’m horrible at “resting”. I am pretty sore today though so maybe it won’t be too hard.

I leave you with today’s theme song….



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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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