Looking…scary…amusing…hopeful? Maybe

Let the search begin.  More like Let the scary amusement begin. Well I’m most definitely NOT lacking for entertainment with this new ….hmmm hobby? No hobby is not a good choice of word…ummm endeavor? Adventure…maybe?

What is she talking about you wonder?  Well this should give you a hint….


Still confused? I have…wow…yes I have…as of the beginning of the year…  What?? You’ve WHAT? you’re wondering?

Yes….I’ve entered the dating world again!!  There! I said it!! I’ve put myself out there…online dating.  Wow what a scary world that can be.  Now don’t get me wrong….it’s entertaining!

Obviously I have not met “The One” yet.  I’ve met some interesting men, some crazies and some down right scary ones.  Now by “met” I do not mean in person….yet.  Haven’t made it that far yet because most turn tail and run when I drop the “A” bomb.

What’s the “A” bomb, you ask?  The “A” bomb…. sigh… A = autism.  As soon as I mention Cecelia and her autism the cowards run.  Some have pretended to be okay with it and talked for  bit longer only to disappear into oblivian.  One kept talking for several weeks but fizzled when I mentioned….


I’m not religious…nor very spiritual.  And when I brought up issues that are important to me…ie: pro-choice, gay marriage, Non-GMO, Fracking etc.  His response was he didn’t care about those things…didn’t even have an opinion about them. Yeah…that doesn’t work for me.  Then you factor in the reason why he felt that way (The world is coming to an end…soon) and needless to say….done.

So the search continues. I’d love nothing more than to share some of not only the messages I’ve received but also some of the profile pictures I’ve seen.  But alas I don’t feel comfortable posting those but have no qualms sharing my giggles with you as I explain some.

Let’s see where to begin? Hmm Mr. I have a chicken on my shoulder but am carrying an AK47….I kid you not!  Who puts that as a profile pic?  OOH then there was Mr. I have so much hair on my torso that I think I need to shave six pack abs into it….because that’s OOOOOH SOOO SEXY!!!  umm NO!

Mr. I think I’ll take a selfie right after having a root canal and half my face is twice as big as the other side!!! Okay I honestly do not know if he’d had a root canal but….it was wierd. There are also a lot of deer in the headlights pictures. Or look at how much alcohol I can drink from this huge glass pictures.

OOh let’s not forget…I’ve stolen my pictures from a famous actor!  I’m sure no one will notice!!! (Note to those of you also on dating sites…Right click on a persons profile and other pictures and scroll down to google search their image to see if it’s legit! You’re welcome!)

Then of course there are the guys who have too much testosterone so they post half naked selfies of themselves. Or the ones that show their tech savvy by not taking the time or don’t have the knowledge to turn their pictures right side up. OOh we must ignore the ones just looking for a one night stand…yeah NOT interested!  Move on!

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not that superficial.  What’s inside is much more important than what’s on the outside….unless the outside is a gun toting too much testosterone craziness!

It seems that there must be some invisible…to me atleast…message on my profile that begs men to ask me for dating advice.  Or maybe it’s because some of them message me with messages that start out Beautiful smile…eyes…tattoo…blah blah blah. I try to be gracious but I just cringe at the phony flattery….it feels phony.  Why not show some intellect instead?  I like that ones that compliment my profile or thank me for my service in the Navy.  Or even comment on my cooking.  I’m not just a pretty face, I don’t wear masks or makeup for that matter.  So such shallow unthinking flattery doesn’t do anything for me.  So I respond and tell them thanks for their interest but maybe next time instead of commenting on superficial things instead offer something of interest…maybe actually read my profile and share an interest…gasp…. Okay I’m not that mean about it but I do end up getting sucked into conversations offering advice to men. LOL

I took time to fill out my profile, to answer questions, to be honest… why is that so rare?

Oooh dear…I fear this is turning into a rant.  A vent.  For that I apologize.  I’m still hopeful but most definitely leery….cautious. It’s hard being a widow…a single mom of a two amazing girls…hardworking and insanely honest woman.  After that abuse in my last relationship I’m very cautious and very strong now.

Is there someone out there?  Someone I can trust to be a patient loving father to my children. Someone who….sigh…..

We shall just have to wait and see.  I’ll keep looking…I’ll keep trying….maybe someone…somewhere…will find us and us them.

Hopefully yours…. Ann 😉


About annstrongheart

About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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