Growing girls, gardening, grins, and going away

So it seems I only remember to blog about every 4-6 months LOL  What can I say….Life is Awesome.  We’re too busy living to find time to blog.  But here’s a picture update of the last 4 months…..Enjoy!

So here’s what we’ve been up to….


Planting our container garden….

We started nearly our entire garden from seeds this year!  The only things not from seed were gifts from my work/students.  A couple flowers, and a tomato plant.  OOH and the potatoes…..obviously plus two onions that were sprouting in my pantry so I threw them in some dirt and they’re growing well now.

Planting our container garden





beans and peas


cukes or zukes….no idea which….each in their own mini green house. The tall one is a tomato plant I received as a gift from one of my students at the end of the school year.

269 256

Watching it grow…..




pansies….my favorite!


kale!! Who knew it would grow so well??? Yum!!


look at how big it’s getting!

077 083 087 123 124 027 029 030 031 033 003 004 005 006 007 008 014 013 012 010 011 009 015 016 017 019 020 026 025 024 023 021


having fun playing at playland while sister is at summer school


going back to work at summer camp, being 2nd/3rd grade teacher and watching my students create a giant fort on a rainy day


Cecelia becoming enamored with Toy Story and making her own Buzz Lightyear costume


eating yummy food! Zuppa Toscana!


Enjoying our monthly or twice monthly girls breakfast out!

Counting down the days until our first family vacation!

060 119








doing chores and helping around the house! Although I have finally….after years of pestering…..taken the advice of friends and hired someone to help clean my house twice a month!! (Why didn’t I do this sooner???!!!)



Not only enjoying fresh kale from our garden but trying some purple potatoes we found at the store! Yum!


Working hard, staying healthy and getting perfect attendance!! Woo hoo!!


Cecelia was even able to overcome her sensory issues and joined her schoolmates during the assembly to receive her certificate. (And she doesn’t have her noise canceling earmuffs on nor her sunglasses!! GO Cece!!)


and again 4th Quarter!! Goooooo Cece….GOOOOOOOOO!!!!


My headstart class and I made this float plane earlier this year…How cool is that?? Made by 3, 4 and 5 year olds!! They had a blast!


letting our hair grow AND having pony tails again!!


And begging Mom to curl it with the curling iron!



I loved Glenna with curls but she abhors them….dunno why….


say cheese!!


going to the carnival AND riding the rides!!! Yeah!!

Cece even went by herself!! She’s come so far!
(I had to take deep breathes but she did it!!)

299 301 304


We sold our adult tricycle and the girls each got their own bicycle…..not sure if we’ll even come close to being able to ride them this year but we’re practicing!



Glenna is much steadier on the tandem this year!! Last year I couldn’t hardly stay on the sidewalk b/c she wiggled so much. After about a month or so riding around town we were riding to my work. Enroute I’m reminding Glenna to pedal and she said “Momma? What you mean pedal?” LOL all those times she told me she was pedaling for the past weeks and she didn’t even know what it meant! HAHAHAHAHA


Ceece went under anesthesia in June to have her teeth checked, x-rayed, cleaned, sealed and one cap put on. She has an enamel deficiency and has had to have several of her baby teeth capped. She cannot handle the dentist so this is the 2nd time she’s had to go under anesthesia for dental work in the past 3 years.


she did great!


And Glenna was a wonderful supportive little sister. Here we were having breakfast in the hospital cafeteria while Cece was in the OR.


in the waiting room while Cece was in the OR


36 minutes…in and out….she was a bit woozy and very snuggly as the anesthesia was wearing off



Then she took it easy that day at home….wasn’t long before she was back to herself.

 So that brings us to now.  Here they are enjoying some girl time with a friend.jj


And today we enjoyed the 4th of July parade.

Life is pretty amazing here in Kenai.  It’s been 10 years since I’ve moved to Alaska and I’m lovin’ it!!  It’s been 3 years since we moved to Kenai.  Now here we are planning our first family vacation to an island where I’ve rented a 3 bedroom house near the beach with a pool where the girls and my brother/sister in law will join us for 8 days in the sun.

We have big goals for the near future including buying a car and buying a home!  Not to mention the goals the girls have too.  Cece will be in 2nd grade this year and has made amazing gains in language, social skills, and just everything!!  We have conversations now and she is starting to answer questions sometimes too!!  Glenna has one more year at headstart b/c she misses the cutoff for kindergarten since her birthday is in November.

I hope all is well with y’all.  I’ll definitely try to get a post of after/during our vacation.  Be well….be strong!  Live life each moment!! ❤


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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