Pansies, petunias, potatoes, peas, pretties and pictures?


Well our container garden is off and growing!  After such success with our first container garden last year we are going bigger and hopefully better this year!  ~~knock on wood….fingers crossed~~ Since it’s finally….dare I say….gulp…summer, here in Kenai our garden is doing well.

So far we have:

8 containers of carrots
3 containers of onions
11 containers of sweet peas
6 broccoli plants
3 buckets of potatoes
2 tomato plants
4 cukes or zukes (don’t know which they are LOL)
6 containers of greens (lettuce mixes and spinach)
2 containers of herbs
3 vertical planters of flowers
2 flower towers
1 hanging topsy turvy planter with flowers
and 115 flower seedlings left to transplant into….some kind of vertical planters!

Here are some pictures of what’s growing so far….


Yes….Pansies… My favorite flower!



DSC00297 DSC00298

Cannot have too many pansies….I tell ya!!   (I have another 30 plus pansies to transplant too! :-D)


Containers of carrots.  They are growing like crazy and I’m excited to see if we get actual carrots big enough to eat from them!




Broccoli….I think….

DSC00302 DSC00304


DSC00305 DSC00306

Tomato in it’s own mini hothouse is growing very well!


PEAS!  Already have to pick and eat some of them!


Zuke or Cuke?  I dunno but whatever it is it’s doing much better since I made it it’s own little hothouse/greenhouse.
Didn’t want to let the heat out so that’s why I took the picture through the plastic wrap.


Another Zuke or Cuke thriving in it’s mini hot house.




Carrots close up.


Flower tower is starting to fill out.


Topsy turvy hanging planter is in full bloom!


mmm ready to eat!

DSC00315 DSC00316

Baby lettuce


Baby greens…Lettuce, lettuce mixes, spinach, herbs….. YUM!!  Can hardly wait!


Pansies ready to transplant!


Petunias…I think?

So there ya have it….Our container garden is off and growing!  I’m especially proud of this years garden.  Except for the flowers in the flower towers and the topsy turvy hanging planter everything else I started from heirloom seeds this year!   Life. Is. Awesomely. Amazing!

Plus I’m learning to make time for myself too!  Am hooked on having my nails done every couple weeks.  Here’s shellac part two…Teal!

photo 5

Lovin’ the teal!

photo 1

This is Glenna’s first self portrait!  Isn’t it awesome!?  I love that it has pony tails!

photo 2

And here’s her first picture of me…Mom!  Notice the curly hair?!  LOL

photo 3

She’s so precious when she’s sleeping.  She spends the week with me at Summer Camp.  The preschool class takes a nap every afternoon and they’re just so cute when they’re all asleep!

photo 4Cece came to visit at the summer camp on Friday and had a blast playing with all the kids and practicing her social skills.  We’ve decided to have her come play on Mondays and Fridays.

Well that wraps up this post.  Will try to keep y’all up-to-date on how our Alaskan Container Gardening goes this year 😀

I hope y’all are having an amazing fun and safe summer!


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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