Ohh yeah…I have a blog…a picture catch up post

Well as y’all may have guessed we, Strongheart girls, have been busy.  Busy, busy, busy, busy.  So busy that, as you can see, it’s been months since I last posted anything.  Being a single full time workin’ Mom has just left me with no energy nor time to do any blogging.  Now with Spring/Summer here I suspect I’ll have even less time.   

So I thought I do this quick picture post of recent pictures…in no particular order…it’s better than nothin’ right? 😉


Cece enjoying the sunshine at our first of many Saturday adventures that include going to the Saturday Market, picnicking at the park and soakin’ up the sunshine.  Only this year instead of walking….. (see later pictures)


Gege having fun at the park.


We now bike around town.  Or well I bike and the girls ride in the trailer or…..


If I just have one of the girls then she gets to ride the tandem behind….


my Trike!  Yea…as you can see we’re bike/trike poor around here LOL


Cece’s first spontaneously written word.  She even came up to me and sounded it out for me … Bah uuh Ssss Says BUS, Mom!


Starting my own seedlings this year with Heirloom seeds from Baker Creek  Heirloom Seed Company.



LOL Glenna calls Raisin Bran…Purple Poopin’ Cereal!  HA!


Glenna playing in the rain at the Head Start one of the last days of school.


Peddle Cece!  Peddle!


My Mother’s Day present from Cece.


and one from Glenna.


Glenna’s Best Friend at Head Start wrote her a letter with a picture.


Before we got the tandem or the trailer Gege would rde to school in the basket.


Practicing our letters and numbers…homework.


Momma, I’m just gonna sit here until I’m big enough to ride this on my own.


Reasons why this didn’t work….. 1.  Single speed trike + 1oo+lbs of little girls = too hard for me to pull up hills.  2. The trailer is made for a bicycle and with it’s bowed tongue when I managed to hook it up to the trike I couldn’t turn Left.  Might be important to turn left on occasion so I got a 7 speed bike to pull the trailer.


Cece decided she had to put on her raincoat, sandals and wrap herself in a blanket and sit down with Hippo and Elephant to play with her tablet…~~shrug~~


Ohh I forgot to mention that I got the girls each their own Nabi Jr. Tablets.  They love them.


Ordered in Chinese food one night and Glenna was so excited when it was delivered she started yellling “Yeah CARFOOD, Momma!! Carfood!! LOL


Glenna talks nonstop now and explores everything.  Here she’s smelling my cup and said “Mmmm Momma, it smells like P!”  No Glenna…Tea!!  It smells like TEA!  LOL


Cece received a mini grant from Stone Soup Group to get a SPIO Suit.  It is amazing how much it helps with her SPD!  BUT…yeah there’s a BUT…. it’s too hot to wear now that it’s getting warmer. Sigh…


Cece’s Service Supervisor/scheduler made the girls these.


Some of the seeds I ordered for this year.

perfect attendance

Another reason we’ve been busy!  Perfect Attendance is not an easy thing to get!  Way to Go, Cece!


I got flowers for my birthday.  Am sigh…over the hill now!  Lordy, lordy, LOOK I’m 40! 😉


Love this just had to share!


Purple Kuspuk I made.

photo 4

Let the gardening begin!  So far I have 3 vertical planters, one topsy turvy planter, and 41 containers planted. Not quite half way done yet.  Still have 150+ seedlings to transplant and need to start my salad greens, onions, and some other seeds outside.

photo 5

My topsy turvy planter hanging there all planted and below is my first flower tower…yeah I got the idea from the Home Depot commercial!  I think it’s gonna be awesome.

photo 2

Glenna loves to help Momma in the garden.  Really!  I am helping, Momma!

photo (5)

Gege enjoying the swings at the Soldotna Creek Park yesterday.

photo 2

Buckets o’ Potatoes..only time will tell!

photo 3

I hope these are flowers!  Ha ha ha my seedling labeling system failed.  Note to self….Do not label the removable covers b/c once the seeds start to sprout and you take the covers off then you won’t know what you have HA HA HA HA HA  aka…Mystery gardening!

photo 4

photo 5

I was commenting with a friend on Facebook earlier this week and I had to pause to dress the elephant so it could ride the hippo with the puppy, horse and leopard.  My friend probably thought I was nuts when I said what I was doing so I took this picture to show that I was indeed telling the truth and had not gone insane! 😉

photo 1

Cece loves to garden too!!  Next payday I’m getting the girls a covered sandbox and maybe a slide/swingset for the backyard!

photo 1

This was our first really warm day (65F+ it was sweltering, I tell ya!) and Gege and I took a break from gardening to bike to the coffee shop for yummy blended drinks!

photo 2

Individual Tomato Hothouse….we shall see…only time will tell again.  I just wonder how pollination occurs? ~~Snort~~ that would be assume that they actually grow and flower!

photo 3 photo 4

See I am helping, Momma!! I have to catch the water from the sprinkler…No I’m not getting wet…much!

photo 5

These ones were thirsty!

And finally….
I am off for a short 11 day break before Summer Camp starts up next Tuesday and I’ll go back to work.  Sooooo…..

photo 1

I took an afternoon for myself today and got my nails done and….

photo 3

Got my hair permed…only way I can stay sane since I decided to let it grow out after chopping off 26 inches two years ago and keeping it short until last December.  It’s much curlier than this picture lets on b/c I had to pull it up.  By the time I biked home in the wind I looked as though I had a wind blown afro! LOL  Oh and got my eye brows done too!!

photo 4

The girls loved my nails so after dinner “Momma’s Nail Salon” opened in our living room and I had to make their nails sparkly too!

photo 5

Gege was ecstatic!  Cece loved hers too but didn’t want to have a picture 😉

So there ya have some of the highlights of the last couple months.  I have huge plans for my “garden” this year so I hope to atleast try to post pictures of that over the summer.   Hope y’all are having as amazing summer as we are!  Catch ya when we catch ya!  😉

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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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