Catching up…. 90+ days, pink eye, Spring Break, illness, words, words, word

Whew….finding time to write…well that’s not that hard since it’s Spring Break but having the energy/desire to do so…not so much.  First let me clear the title up…NO we did not have pink eye for 90+ days LOL  Yeah after I typed that I thought that it could be a bit alarming.  The no days refers to my making it through well past my 90 day probationary period in my new job!! Woot, woot!!! ~~Happy Dance~~  YEAH!!!

Now I’m officially a full time employee with FULL benefits with K.I.T.!  YES!  So why did I mention pink eye, you’re wondering?  Well Cece had pink eye a couple weeks ago.  Yeah…fun!  (NOT!) But I did learn something very important that I didn’t know before.  The incubation period from when Cece had pink eye until little sister got it was 10 days!  Blech!  Throw in double ear infections, sore throats and coughs…yeah we’ve been sick.  Oh and lets not forget Gege picking/messing with a hang nail that then got infected and had to be treated and is now coming off.  UGH.  I have been sick for 7 weeks now.  Not debilitating sick but irritatingly so.  Starting 3rd round of antibiotics today so …. crossing fingers…. I’m frankly sick of being sick!  Sigh…

But any who… Life goes on and is still amazingly awesome despite invasion of germs/bugs.  Cece has had an amazing couple months.  She’s had an explosion of words and skills.  She can now answer questions, ask questions, and almost have a conversation.  She’s learned not only her entire alphabet by sight but also all the sounds the letters make and can tell you words that start with the letters.  Plus she’s learned all her numbers 0-10 by sight along with some sight words too.

I changed her mega vitamin/supplement regimen at the beginning of the year and the difference has been phenomenal!  She’s doing all the things I mentioned above plus staying on task longer, drawing, coloring, cutting, gluing, and creating like crazy.  Her social skills and eye contact have increased by leaps and bounds.  She’s getting a SPIO suit here soon with a grant from the Stone Soup Group.  She’s been using one at therapies with wonderful success.

We still have a very very long ways to go but she amazes me everyday!  We’re working hard on sentences and asking for things and responding to others while making at least minimal eye contact.  Impulse control or well lack there of is still a huge issue.  She’s been having to adjust to having a new primary care provider as the one we had for over a year gave her notice and took a job working for a doctor in Soldotna.  Not that I can blame her!  Cece wasn’t her only client, she had another before she came to our house at 7 a.m. every week day morning.  She worked with Cece for atleast an hour every morning, 5 hours on therapy days, took her to school, picked her up and finished her day here in our house at 6 p.m.  So her moving on to a regular hour full time job that didn’t mean getting up at 4 a.m. yeah I totally understand that! 😀  We miss her but Cece’s adjusting surprisingly well!

Gege…oooh Gege.  She’s had amazing changes too!  The most recognizable ones are 1. She’s grown 2 and 1/2 inches since Christmas. 2. She’s talking nonstop.  3. Her social skills have grown like crazy!  She not only keeps me on my toes but boy does she make me smile and laugh.  The things she says…wow!

In other news….I’m not going to make my goal of being closer to what I weighed 20 years ago after Navy bootcamp by my 40th birthday…BUT I am down 41 lbs and 24+ inches!  Now that I’m working I’m steadily losing more weight plus able to buy more organic, nonGMO and natural foods.  Now don’t get me wrong we’re not total health food consumers….coffee creamer is my down fall…SMH…and a few other things are hard to give up (Gluten free…sigh…probably won’t happen), but we are eating much healthier I think.  We’ve cut down/out HFCS, reduce our soy intake, increased our supplements/vitamins and drinking more water (well I am, the girls have always pretty much only drank water :-D)

I think that about catches us up.  OOH we did have our 2 year anniversary back on Feb 10.  Two years we’ve live here in Kenai!!! YEAH!!!  Plus my 11 year anniversary of turning 29 years old is only days away too! (Eek hardly 3 weeks left in my 30’s!!  YIKES!! where’s that first 40 years go?)

So in closing here are various pictures from recently.  I hope y’all are doing as well as we are!  Enjoy….


Gege playing with the mini sensory container at school (That’s ground coffee for the dirt!)


Enjoying some “Mommy and Me” time for lunch before a doctors appt. Mmmm french fries, Mom!!  A rare treat, indeed!


Bye “Most Wondeful Care Provider”!  We’ll miss you and wish you all the best in your new job!


Glenna doing a counting exercise (Counting raindrops) at school.


Gege’s turn to cut a raindrop and put it on the corresponding number.


Learning to hammer.


Building…and demolishing…with big blocks aka boxes.


Oh, Mom…the sensory input I get from brushing my hair is better than stimming!! LOL  She loves to brush her hair!

photo 2

Wish I had gotten video of this b/c she was “reading” the book to herself.  I couldn’t understand any of it but she was loving it!

photo 1

Hippity Hop!

photo 4

Look, Mom!  I no more eyes pink!

photo 3

Yeah, I know, Mom!  Head butting sister gave me a black eye 😦 It’s not a good choice, not okay!  But look my pink eye’s gone!!


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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2 Responses to Catching up…. 90+ days, pink eye, Spring Break, illness, words, words, word

  1. Congratulations! Wonderful, wonderful progress in the past two years! I’m so very happy for all three of you!

  2. Carol Badgett says:

    Hey Ann,

    No news is good news, I have to think.

    As I told you before, I wanted to get you a new dress like your girls got. You asked me to wait until April to send a new dress. I waited.

    You have been so busy, I know. I imagine that your girls have grown and developed amazingly.

    How are you? I wonder about that, especially with all that you’ve taken on. Have you been able to plant the happiness garden this year like last year?

    Just thinking of you with admiration and good wishes,


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