Adventures in Lunchdome day 49 … in triplicate

A new dawn will be rising here in the Strongheart household tomorrow.

After over three years devoted to being a full time stay at home mom, tomorrow I start my new full time job.  Cece’s schedule won’t change but she will be at home in the mornings with her care provider who will help her get ready for school or therapy each day and also Cece will get home before Gege and I do.  She’ll be with her care provider working on her in home life skills, chores, etc.  We’ve had her on this schedule since October 1st in preparation for the day I’d find a job and go to work.  So this won’t really be much of a transition for Cece.  She’ll be the last to leave the house and the first home.  Wonder if she’ll notice the difference?

Gege and I will leave at about 7:30 a.m.  ~ish.  I’ll drop her off at preschool and then continue on to work.  It’s full days for Gege and I now.  No more hanging out at home or going to the library for story time, nope now we’ll both be working.  She’ll be working on her social skills while learning and having fun at preschool while Momma puts in a full 8 hours with the local tribe.

So with all that in mind now ALL THREE of us need lunches packed for every weekday.  Let the Adventures in Lunchdome continue….in triplicate….

So here’s Cece’s lunch: Sausage and bean soup minus the broth, veggies: spinach leaves, carrot sticks and celery with peanut butter, crackers, a tangelo and two cookies for dessert.

Gege’s lunch: sausage and bean soup (again minus the broth) veggies: spinach leaves, carrot chunks plus some raisins, crackers, tangelo wedges and an oreo for dessert.

Finally my lunch. I have one of those spiffy tiered tupperware’ish containers that has a freezable/icepack center divider. This will be my first time using it. On the bottom layer is spinach salad with carrots, fried onion pieces, bacon bits and a tub of sweet and sour homemade viniagrette. Then the top tier will have a container of sausage and bean soup (with the broth!! Unlike the girls I do like soup…sometimes) some tangelo wedges and crackers.


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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