Adventures in Gardening…Indoors…day hmm 20 attempt 1.5

Well I guess it was about 20 days ago that I posted a picture  of my …now I’ll call it….FIRST attempt at indoor/winter gardening.  Why FIRST attempt you wonder?  Well only 3 of the six containers actually sprouted and 2 of the 3 that did sprout fell victim to aphids which must have come in with the soil from the containers I used last summer.  I couldn’t figure out why my salad seedlings were withering and dying and then I took a closer look.  I’ve since sprinkled them with some DE in hopes that they might return but just look at them…..

poor juice sucked out of them by the stupid aphids who decided to take refuge from the winter in MY house! UGH! Reminds me of the worm from the “Fox and the Hound” LOL


the herbs seem to look okay though. Even if the DE looks ugly LOL

They look so sad, and I also believe that they are trying to convey to me that the soil I used is too dense.  SO…. Today I made a second attempt.  I dumped the 3 unsprouted containers of dense soil, which fell into the bowl with a thoroughly saturated muddy thud, along with some additional soil I’d defrosted from outside.  Yes I had to defrost it LOL  I then mixed in an equal part of Perlite and….

ready to seed

Voila!  Here we go with attempt 1.5!  I say 1.5 because half of the containers from before did sprout and I’ll let them keep trying to grow but adding some new ones too….

Go big or go home.  Well I’m already home but…whatever.  I decided I might as well just do seven more containers while I was at it…why not?  ~~shrug~~ 😀

just look…don’t touch, Cece!

Look, Mom. Light!

Maybe someday I’ll have the time and money and gumption to try to do something like this….

isn’t this awesome!? Click picture to go to the blog that has directions on how to make one!


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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