Happy Thanksgiving….part 1

The weather is cold, winter has come, again that special day is here
Each time it does come, with something new and untold, so different each year
Three years it has been since I lost my true love
Take comfort each day knowing that he watches from above

All these Thanksgivings have been filled with family gatherings…oh the stress
With her autism and diet restrictions these days cause such duress
So this year instead of overwhelming her and trying to keep away the food she can’t eat
Instead we Strongheart Girls will have our own Thanksgiving just us with many a yummy treat

No headaches, no guilt trying to keep her from any yummy food that might contain dairy
For our Thanksgiving feast this year we shall have no milk there’ll be nary
Each dish I’ve made with care and love, certain that indulge Cece will be able to do
The only exception will be the green been casserole but she doesn’t like it so just for Glenna and I, us two

Our feast it’s all prepared and the bird in the oven
While we cuddle on the couch watching a DVD while snuggly lovin’
This next 4 days I shall cherish and be thankful for every moment each one
For our time together will be changed when this holiday is done

To school they both now will go, kindergarten one, and preschool another
Tis a happy time that will come on Monday, to work will go this mother
Three years of at home full time has been the task
With all the services, help and support now back to work I go at last

A better life, helping others, out of the house we’ll all be
Spreading our wings, another affirmation that we are indeed free
Give thanks, remember, be kind and respect every person and thing
You never know what your life, the next day, hour or minute might bring

To each of you that are here reading these words and my blog you do follow
I thank you and with these words I hope my thanks it does show
Life is amazingly wondrous and perfect for us Strongheart girls these days
Giving thanks for it all in so many, many, many ways

Take time each day to find happiness daily, no matter how small
Cherish your children because with each day they continue to grow tall
Let go of your doubt, hurt, worry and hate for with it you aren’t truly living
Take time to say to another….

Happy Thanksgiving!

thoroughly massaged and entrusted with herbs!  Yummy!  oh so thankful we are to have such a glorious bird!

into the oven it goes, T minus 4 1/2 hours of slow roasting to delicious perfection (knock on wood)

The giblets and neck with some herbs, carrots and an onion on the stove for hours of slow simmering for a wonderful gravy base…yum!

Side dishes all prepared and ready to cook. Stuffing, potatoes, squash and green bean casserole will later bake. The rolls you can see…yes they are in a bag b/c I just have not mastered how to make such delicious potato rolls 😀 The green bean casserole I divided one glass container for today, the other two plastic containers went into the freezer for me to enjoy for lunch next week at work….aww did you catch that?? Next week at WORK 😀 Yeah!

So while preparing this feast what were the girls doin’? Well Gege was watching “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” nicely and not getting into mischief whereas Cece…..

was trying to hide the fact that she had used a ball point pen on the couch to…..

I guess practice her ABC’s and write the word “Tote!?” with whatever that is below…sigh….

redirected to playing on the tablet 😀

Well that’s our Thanksgiving thus far.  Will do “Part 2” with pictures of our completed feast and afternoon activities!

I hope each and every one of you is having as wonderful a Thanksgiving day as we are!


About annstrongheart

About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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  1. Sylvia says:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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