Happiness Daily: Keeping up, going a little green, holding on

Is the week really half over already?  Wow this week is going by quickly.   I’ve decided that I do not care for 3 day weekends because Cece simply does not understand why her schedule has been disrupted.  All day long on Monday all I heard over and over and over and over again was “Bus? School? Mxxx?”  The “M” represents the name of her former respite worker whom Cece now uses her name in exchange for “respite”.  So it was a long weekend but we were busy.

Had lots of grocery shopping to do, got the freezer nice and full.  Sigh… I always feel much more content and hmm I guess safe and secure knowing that not only my freezer is full but also my pantry and cupboards.  After barely getting by the winter before Segundo passed away it’s just comforting knowing that we have enough to eat.

Speaking of eating and food… I’ve been packing not only Cece’s school lunches but also her after school aka respite lunches as well.  My dear friend, Kelly in CA, shared an absolutely marvelous website with me.  It’s called Easy Lunchboxes and it’s awesome.  Now I know it’s actually for their product the “Easy Lunchbox” but there are tons of great ideas on the site for school lunches.  I think they have a great product but 1. They’re sold out 2. I am will just use a rectangular ziploc container 😀  But the idea of packing better, funner, more “green”, less plastic bags used, lunches is a good one.

So today  Gege and I we went shopping for a suitable container.  I ended up choosing a two pack of rectangular ziploc containers and a 6 pack of small round ziploc containers.  I had a frequent shopper reward/coupon for $10 off of a purchase of $10 or more so the whole thing along with a piece of cake only cost me 7 cents!  Yeah they were basically free.  But anyway so tonight, after the girls were asleep, I made my first attempt at preparing Cece a greener lunch….

shredded rotisserie chicken, purple buttered pasta cooked in chicken broth (buttered with non-dairy spread) green beans, 3 baby carrots, 4 olives, 1/2 a hard boiled egg and for dessert a peanut butter roll up with cranberries and a mandarin orange!

I could get used to this!  It’s fun trying to create fun, healthy, yummy lunches for school.  Oooh and if I go to work and Gege goes to daycare/preschool then I’ll get to prepare one for each of us too!!  I know, I hear ya, and I agree….It takes very little to amuse me!  LOL

Okay…moving on…. Cece had her first meltdown at school today.  The teacher called me and asked if I’d try to speak to Cece on the phone to calm her down b/c she was throwing herself around the room and into things.  They were concerned she might hurt herself.  So I talked AT her, because Cece doesn’t really talk on the phone yet, and the teacher came back on the phone “Okay, Thanks!  She’s smiling now!  Gotta run!” .  Hmm still have not received the promised email to explain to me what exactly happened.  Will have to ask tomorrow when I drop Cece at school after therapies.

Glenna and I ran errands as I mentioned.  We dropped off the rest of the paperwork at her potential daycare/preschool, mailed out an order from My Online Store , and then high tailed it home because the weather was getting pretty ugly.  Right now it’s quite blustery out there with winds gusting up to 40 mph.  Hope it calms down by tomorrow because I want to go to Joann’s and get some fabric to make some traditional kuspaq’s and some fleece ones to put in my store.  We shall see…sigh…

Well I guess I need to wrap this post up.  Glenna just wandered down stairs saying that she needed to sleep in mommy’s bed b/c it’s too dark in her room and there’s a monster too.  Sigh…tried getting rid of the monster and showed her that her night light was blazing and that Cece was in the room too so there couldn’t be a monster but alas it didn’t work and she’s lying in my bed now most likely wide awake waiting for me to come to bed too.  Sigh…two year olds!

Here’s a picture of her emulating Cece tonight.  She soo loves and misses her big sister!  Eight nearly 9 hours a day that Cece’s in school and at respite is a very long time for Glenna to be without big sis around.

Look, Mom! I Cece! I have Cece’s ears and Cece’s boots!

Hope y’all too have Happiness Daily!!


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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