Kindergarten is here

I sit here and wonder about the five years that just passed
My baby girl, she is, but she’s just growing too fast
For tonight is the eve of her kindergarten debut
Five years sheltered only in my arms seem too few

How am I to cope, how do I set her free
Not knowing at all times just where she might be
There is nothing that can really a parent prepare
Stretching this bond, with the world her I do share

My emotions in tatters on this eve of her first day
Nearly eight hours a day she’ll be from me away
More time she will spend out in the world instead of at home
Her childhood and life she’s beginning to roam

Trust in others to keep my baby girl safe and unharmed
Hoping with her smile, laughter, and light other’s will be charmed
Few words she does have, so how will I know days events
Will they be able to understand her, and to others make sense

So much we have faced, battled, and overcome
Our own tune of life, no others, we’ve started to hum
Take heart, take time, for if you listen you’ll hear
Even without words her intent and meanings are clear

It’s hard as a parent to accept and trust you with her
As I write it all out, with tears my words blur
So close to my heart I hold her right here
I give her to you to teach, I try to quell my fear

Excited is she, cannot wait for school to go
I echo her excitement my fears and worries I hope don’t show
Be kind, be patience, be caring and know in your heart
That a parent does hurt and worry when from child apart

Your patience I know goes beyond the classroom
But understand I am sure when us parents do loom
Give us time, keep us informed then our trust it will grow
For your job is tough, we as their first teachers do know

Thank you so much for your understanding and time
Now we’ll let you get back to work for the bell it does chime
Kindergarten is new for us, I’m sure you know why
Give our children, my daughter, the tools so she’ll fly


About annstrongheart

About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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