Memories preserved

I feel this need to capture our garden as it blossoms to life.  Forever having pictures to remember it by.  Our first garden here in the place we can call home.  Watching it grow, flourish and bloom.  Explosions of color some pale some bright.  Most a feast for our eyes while a few for our tummies.  The wonder of watching life come full circle.

Planting the seeds, watching them sprout, tending them, feeding them, watering them, caring for them, nurturing them.  I suspect that maybe, just maybe, my desire to capture our wondrous adventure into gardening must be closely related to the growth of the girls.  For they too are growing, blossoming, blooming and flourishing under not only my care but the care of others here too.

The need to capture these blooms, a perfect moment in time.  Unblemished, true, pure and beautiful.  Knowing that it’s all our hard work that make these memories so sweet and beautiful.  Like a delicate blossom we cradle our children.  We feed them, nurture them and help them grow.

How often do we take time to step back and admire the beauty of our work.  For it is not the big awards, recognitions, stories that make our lives whole.  No it is the little moments that we must cherish for those moments fill the majority of our lifetimes.  Sure there are big moments…births, holidays, school days, walking, talking, baby teeth, graduations, etc.  We tend to immortalize those moments when it was in fact the little moments that made those big moments happen.

I have learned in this past 3 years being a widow and raising two girls on my own to step back and cherish each moment.  Be happy in the small things, each and every day.  Give thanks for everything for you never know when it might all disappear.  Cherish the time and hardwork you spent to get where you are.  Don’t get stuck in the past or you cannot have a future.  Stop, smell and admire the flowers…..


About annstrongheart

About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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