Love, truth, pain unfolding

Mad, I know that word, I know that feeling
With the emotions, questions, thoughts you’re dealing
So hard to understand all that happened now and then
Who to question, why now, where, and when

He told you lies, oh can’t you see
To hide the deceit and sins committed did he
How much, how long, how often did he have you too
Carry his lies, his sins, his secrets, no truth you knew

Isolated, estranged, apart, and unaware
For he could not let you see the truth, don’t dare
If you were to look back and think
You’d see the dots connect and the truth would link

So hard he works to keep this wall between you and me
For he knows he’d lose you if all the truth you did see
His family, his friends, and others they all know
But help him hide his addiction, it’s a sin it cannot show

You might believe that he is all well and good
But addiction stays with him like a constant worn hood
All you have to do is simply open you eyes
See the truth, see through these years of lies

Hurt many he has with his addiction way
Ask the 2nd and she’ll tell you exactly why she didn’t stay
Too easy it is to believe the lies as out of his mouth they tumble
He plays a part, the victim, the hurt and humble

But as time does pass and we all grow older
Your thoughts, your questions, your doubts do smolder
Don’t you realize that he doesn’t want your questions your doubt
Because then the truth and all his lies will come out

Why else do you think apart us he does strive
Keep you away, his addiction and lies do thrive
He places doubts, he makes you constantly wonder
His spell, deceit and thumb he keeps you under

Open your eyes, your mind, and your heart
See the truth, the real reason he keeps us apart
For when you do this you will begin to think and heal
Even though angry, mad and confused now you do feel

Forever he cannot hold you, control you, and hide what’s true
For the truth is always out there, search find it and see that you knew
In your heart you can see the pure, the true, the love kept from you by him
A hard path you will travel, through this lie filled muck you must swim

Know in my heart that you will some day discover the truth in all
You’ll realize that I have always been here to catch you if you fall
For it does not matter these things that he did to you, me and a lot of others
Because there is a true bond, unbreakable, between children and their mothers

Love you, hug you, kiss you, each day these I do
But only to the memory that I carry in my heart of you
Someday, somehow, somewhere, we will again be together not apart
For now just know the pride, compassion, understanding and love for you in my heart!


About annstrongheart

About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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