Happiness Daily, Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Well time for my daily…well semi-daily!  Happiness post. Hmmm I am happy today and there were some fun highlights to the day but unfortunately they are being over shadowed by ….

tendonitis!! = elevated foot/ankle/leg, ice, ibuprofen and rest (cough yeah right!!)

Ended up giving in and going to the doctor today to get it checked out.  It started yesterday and was so painful by lunch time today that I had a serious gimpy limp going on.  Doctor said there’s a big knotted up muscle in there and tendonitis.  No running until it’s better.  She gave me an elastic type ankle brace that helps a lot.   I need to put heat on it before walking a lot to help warm it up, massage the muscle, ice it in the evenings and remember to take ibuprofen to help keep the swelling down.

Sigh….I don’t have time nor patience to have an injury!!  Especially one that I don’t even remember “injuring!” %*$&#%(#&%$&%&#*$&%&$% %&%&$*%&$*$

Anyway so yeah the “happiness” parts of the day are being painfully overshadowed.  Hopefully it will heal quickly though!

Okay…glass is half full, glass is half full….write through the pain….

Yeah okay this isn’t working.  It was a productive day.  Therapies for Cece, a long (albeit painful) walk around exploring Soldotna this morning (before or maybe the actual aggravation that led to the necessary doctors appt) but boy did we find a neat and beautiful street to explore today!  Then it was home for lunch, then Cece off for dayhab while I hobbled to the doctor’s office with Glenna.  A trip to the store, then home with our purchase of diapers and an icecream cone for each of us…you know the necessities in life!! LOL  While Glenna was finishing her icecream cone I pulled all my spinach plants out because they are all bolting now aka going to seed and taste very bitter.  They’ve become quite inedible!  Then an evening with the girls spent reading, singing, and then cleaning up.

All leading to me sitting here “resting” my right leg.  When instead I would like to be up and about cleaning and organizing before the SOA SDS worker comes to visit tomorrow afternoon….sigh…oh well.  Well I think that is about all I feel up to writing tonight.  I think I’ll continue icing my leg and watch some Netflix and then head to bed.  Tomorrow is an early day b/c Cece has SPED summer school at the bus picks her up at around 7:45 a.m.   As usual wednesdays and thursdays means that coffee is my friend!!  Hope everyone had a great day today!!  Catch ya tomorrow!


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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