Happiness Daily: June 27, 2012

Wow what a day.  Started out completely sleep deprived b/c both Glenna and I seemed to have been suffering from insomnia last night.  Neither one of us could sleep until about 4 a.m. this morning.  Then it was up early to get Cece ready for summer SPED preschool.  She was out the door, onto the school bus at 7:50 a.m.  Then Glenna and I were off to Home Depot to buy some supplies for a gardening project I saw online recently that I just HAD TO do!  What was this must do gardening project you’re wondering??  A topsy turvy vertical planter.  A WHAT you’re asking now since that is a descriptive title doesn’t quite help explain it does it?  How about a picture of our new planter that Glenna and I made today…

Aww there it is!! Isn’t it just wonderful?! I absolutely adore it. It’s just fun and whimsical. When it’s in full bloom I just know it will be beautiful!

It was so easy to make.  Eight clay pots, six feet of chain, 8 bolts, 8 nuts, 8 fender washers, some soil and some flowers!  That’s it!  I got it all put together, hung it up and started adding the soil.   What’s that sound??  It’s an odd sort of creaky/crackley sound.  Checked all my connections etc….hmm.  Then I happened to look up at the hooky thing I’d hung it on and realized it wasn’t going to hold it up.  My planter was too heavy for it.  Quickly pull the planter back down, carefully put it on the ground trying not to dump out too much of the soil I had managed to put in half of it.  Stomped my feet, cursed the landlord and the puny hook they’d installed.

Came inside muttering curse words to myself.  Posted a very unamused and perturbed yet some how still funny status message about my predicament on Facebook.  Cece came home from school and some of my FB friends gave me some suggestions.  We had lunch, Glenna went down for a nap, Cece helped me clean up the living room.  I’d decided, thanks to a FB friends suggestion, that I needed to get a heavy duty shelf/rod bracket.  Which then in turn would make it necessary to find a stud,  a WALL stud….come on keep up with me here!!  LOL

Cece’s dayhab provider picked her up for 3 hours of dayhab and Glenna and I were off again headed BACK to Home Depot.  Found what we needed and necessary screws to attach it.  We did stopped at Safeway and got some groceries then headed back home.

Now I have always sucked when it comes time to find wall studs.  Gundo used to do all the carpentry stuff.  So here I am outside, banging on the exterior wall, hoping that the neighbors baby isn’t sleeping as I am trying to hear any type of difference that would show me where the darn stud is.  I am not hearing a difference and thinking that the wood siding is not helping me in this process.  Then I notice a row of huge siding staples going up the wall that are attaching the siding to what has to be a stud right?

Sure enough I found the stud and then proceeded to attach the new heavy duty hanger to the wall and then  my new topsy turvy vertical planter was hung.  I then added the soil and the flowers, watered everything in and Voila!!!  Topsy turvy vertical planter perfection!!  I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it’s awesome and I love it!!  My neighbor came out and she loves it too and asked if I’d make her one if she got all the supplies!  ~~grin~~  PLUS (~~rubbing my hands together in anticipation while smiling uncontrollably)  She said to feel free to extend my gardens/containers/vertical pallet planters over into the space in front of her house too!!!  YEAH!!! More room!!!  I’m excited LOL  This gardening stuff is immensely addictive!!

On the way back from the store Glenna and I stopped for a well deserved treat….

mmm Icecream!!! I do believe that this is Glenna’s first official Icecream cone that actually had real icecream in it instead of soy icecream 😀 She loved it!

yum! Strawberry, Mom!

Cece came home from dayhab and I had not only lost track of time and hadn’t even thought about what might be for dinner but also I was simply too exhausted to cook.  So we went out and grabbed a bite to eat, then went to the park and played, then walked home the long way around.  Bringing today’s pedometer measurement/count to 18,000 steps which was about 7 1/2 miles today.  Oh yeah and before all this gardening and shopping I gave in and admitted that I couldn’t do this “growing my hair back out” thing so I went and got it cut short again b/c it as driving me insane!

So it was just a totally wonderfully happy yet exhausting day today.  But is there any better feeling than that of utter exhaustion due to having a happily productive day??  I don’t think so!  It’s great to end the day happily plumb pooped as my late grandpa would say!  I sincerely hope y’all are having as outstanding of a summer as we are.  Happiness daily!  That’s not only our goal but should be every single persons goal no matter how small, find some thing to be happy about every single day!


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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