Happiness Overflowing… June 25th and 26th (trying to catch up!)

Goodness…this week has just been busy already!  I feel like it’s just been nonstop this past couple of days.  Between getting Cece to therapies, dealing with phone calls, fair hearings, appointments, repairmen, shopping, gardening, respite, dayhab, the gloomy weather, Cece’s sleep issues, and just life… I am exhausted!  Not that we’re not having fun…

Trying new hairdo’s we saw a picture of posted by a dear FB friend. Glenna loved it, we did it yesterday (monday). She was running around today pointing to her hair and telling anyone we ran into “Buuwahful! Pretty, pretty, hair!”

She was so patient and sat so still so I could do her hair. Cece even asked to have hers done but I couldn’t get Cece’s to work b/c it was just too short.

Today while Cece was in speech and physical therapies Glenna and I didn’t have to much trouble finding ways to entertain ourselves while we wandered around Soldotna…..

Rain suit + rubber boots + lots of rain the last couple days = endless puddle jumping fun for Glenna!

ooo it’s such a big puddle, Mom!

here’s another one!

and another

again! again!

Despite the rain suit and boots I still ended up pouring water out of her boots when we got back to Cece’s therapy!  She had such a blast!  I think she was staying pretty dry until that one deceptively shallow looking puddle that was sooo not sooo shallow!  LOL  Such a silly girl!

It has been very gloomy and rainy this past couple of days.  This afternoon it finally started to clear up and we were able to go out for a walk and go to the store and do some shopping.  Cece had spent the afternoon with her dayhab provider working on improving her social skills.  Glenna and I had an appt at the Tribe and then we had to hurry home to meet the washer repair man who fixed our washing machine!  YEAH!!!  It’s so quiet now!  Plus it works much better and there is no longer a slow leak from the water pump!!

Glenna took a much needed nap, I supervised the repairman and then I took a nap after he left.  I only got about 1 maybe 2 hours of sleep last night because Cece had a bad night.  They don’t happen all that often anymore but when they do they are exhausting.  She just can’t sleep sometimes and in her moments of insomnia she keeps the rest of us awake too.  She talks to herself and sings and plays with her puppy until she finally settles back down and goes to sleep again.  Unfortunately last night her sleeplessness lasted from about 2 a.m. until 6 a.m. this morning.  My not getting to bed until after 1 a.m. didn’t help things either!

What amazes me when she does this though, is that usually the next day she is perfectly normal.  She doesn’t seem to be tired at all.  How does she do that???  It’s my understanding that sleep difficulties are quite common in ASD children.  Thank goodness for not only caffeine but also for dayhab so I got to enjoy about a 90 minute nap today 😀

Although it’s been very rainy and gloomy my garden sure doesn’t seem to mind much, with the exception of the tomato plants which still just do not look all that happy.  But at least now my tomatoes appear to be growing, albeit very, very, very slowly.  My lettuce and spinach are growing so fast that I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep up with them…..

Look at all that lettuce! I can’t believe that it was just seeds in a packet not that long ago! It’s growing so fast! I am going to have to figure something out and get some more soil and containers and spread it out some more….again!

The baby lettuce leaves are oh so tender and yummy!!

I just spread this spinach out to give it more room last week I think it was and already it too is getting crowded!! There is just nothing in this world quite as wonderful as fresh baby spinach right out of the garden though!

Basket of salad..anyone? These are just growing like crazy and I have to spread them out some more…very…very…soon!! But it sure is pretty!

another basket of salad aka Spinach and Lettuce that are fighting each other for room to grow. Honestly thought that I accidentally killed it when I put it in the baskets but obviously that is not the case!

and another basket of salad! Hmm I might have to go over to the thrift store next week and see if she’ll sell me some more baskets really cheap again!

~~snort~~ umm yeah ANOTHER basket of salad!! It’s out of control!!! Okay not really but WOW I tell you what I never knew how easy lettuce and spinach were to grow!

our sweet peas are bloomin’!

so are the pansies!

and whatever this flower is??? Hmmm?? It’s a very slow bloomer, I’ve been waiting for 4 days now, watching it, waiting for it to fully bloom so I can see what it is. Anyone know?

so many flowers!! I am lovin’ it!

flower seeds I planted last week I think it was, are sprouting!

in the newest vertical planter/garden they are sprouting too! It’ll be all flowers assuming I can get the pansies in the top of it to sprout!

Marigold seeds sprouted and are growing well too!

Lastly here are our slow growing, sad looking, little tomato plants…sigh….come on guys keep going!!! keep growing!!!

So that wraps up todays catch up post.  I have to make sure I get to bed at a semi-decent hour tonight because Cece has summer preschool tomorrow and the bus will be here at 7:45 a.m. to pick her up!  I hope all y’all are having Happiness Daily too!!!


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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2 Responses to Happiness Overflowing… June 25th and 26th (trying to catch up!)

  1. I think that mystery one might be a pink/dianthus/sweet william (three different names for the same plant). You’re about to be able to take bunches of lettuce and spinach to the farmer’s market to sell!

    • annstrongheart says:

      I tell ya what! Last night when Glenna and I were both suffering from insomnia for some reason…I laid in bed thinking that I bet people would pay good money for cute Baskets o’ Salad! My mind was working in overtime…maybe next year 😀

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