Happiness Daily Saturday, June 23, 2012

Happiness is….

Happy Girls!

We had an absolutely lovely morning/afternoon today.  What an absolutely gorgeous day!  We went to the store and grabbed some fruits and veggies from their salad bar, a bagel, and a couple bottles of water and headed off to the park for a picnic.  The girls played and played and played…did I mention they played??  😀  Then we walked over to the Saturday Market did our weekly perusal of the vendors.  One of the vendors had this……

That’s SOLID beads!!! Hand beaded over the container that I think was a gourd, I was so mesmerized by the beadwork that I don’t really recall looking at the inside LOL

Isn’t it stunning?!  I love to bead but WOW, WOW, WOW.  The hours and hours and hours heck MONTHS it probably took to bead that….simply awesome!

this is the bottom. I was trying to see how she started it but will have to study it some more.

By the time I got done talking beads with the lady who made this the girls were more than ready to leave.  They just don’t have the appreciation nor patience to spend much time “window” shopping at the market every Saturday but they’re learning b/c we’ll keep practicing…every Saturday 😀

So we took the very long route home and ended up walking nearly 5 miles so far today.  Gege is down for a nap…utterly exhausted. Cece is refueling with a snack.  After dinner I think we might have to go for another walk in the opposite direction 😀

I am preparing for that walk already and getting my post up very early today 😀  Might do another post tonight b/c I’d like to show y’all how beautiful our vertical gardens are looking now that they are nearly in full bloom! Hope everyone is having as nice a day as we are!

More pictures…..


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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2 Responses to Happiness Daily Saturday, June 23, 2012

  1. FEDUP!!! says:

    Sounds/looks like you gals had A TON of fun!!!

    • annstrongheart says:

      We did! Now we’re finishing up dinner and getting ready to go back out! It’s just too nice to be inside! I foresee a very long (maybe 3 miles) walk in our future with a stop at the park or McD’s playland and then two very tired little girls who do not protest bedtime tonight! 😀

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