Happiness Daily 06/06/12 & 06/07/12

Happiness is….

Cece decided that the flower pots that we planted the seeds in weren’t as pretty as the ones with flowers so she was picking some of our flowers and some dandelions and planting them in what she thought were empty pots.

Whereas Glenna just wanted to play in a puddle in the driveway (say no to crack Glenna!!  Pull up your pants please!! Nobody wants to see your bitty baby butt cheeks!  LOL)

planting, planting, planting

most of our seeds are sprouting

some more (note to self~~ next year/time you plant seeds be sure that you label what you planted where lest you end up with ????? umm plants yeah that it’s plants!) No idea what these are…oh well some day soon I should be able to tell!

our transplanted flowers seem to be doing well

our lone strawberry plant seems happy

sweet peas are growing well

in other news… This is how you know Cece is hungry …. when she sits at the table patiently awaiting dinner to finish cooking that she helped make!

and here is what she was waiting for. Poor girl thought she was starving. It had been a long day for her since it was the first day of summer school. Dinner consisted of pasta with italian sausage and homemade sauce, peas, pears, and dairy free homemade herb biscuits that Cece helped make! Yum!

Art by Cece!! Cecelia drew this picture this morning, then she showed it to me and told me that it was a horse and her puppy. Well will ya look at that it IS a horse and her puppy!!! To think a year ago she didn’t have the muscle strength in her fingers to do anything but scribble, she was fairly nonverbal and didn’t have many social skills. Now she’s drawing pictures PLUS telling me about them!!

Here’s Cece putting soil into the vertical pallet planter the girls and I made today.

fill ‘er up!

All done! Isn’t it awesome!!! I can’t wait for all the flowers to grow and fill it up! I just know it’s going to be beautiful. Also my neighbor stopped by when we were making it and said he has some pallets behind his shop that he’ll bring over for us to make more vertical gardens in!! Yeah!!!

Life is awesome!  Life is good!  We are having a great summer.  Hope you are too!!  sigh….total happy contentment….


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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9 Responses to Happiness Daily 06/06/12 & 06/07/12

  1. FEDUP!!! says:

    Looks like the kids had FUN!!!

    • annstrongheart says:

      yes they were having a blast. Cece loves to help whereas Glenna just wants to run around and have fun outside LOL I’m happy that we’re having fun doing our gardening if we actually produce anything that will just be extra b/c it’s all this time we’re spending together having fun gardening that is the most important I think 😀

  2. I love your version of the vertical planter. I want one (or two or three) so badly but unfortunately pallets are hard to find here. I’m still thinking about what to do. You could write a post showing how you built yours — that might be useful for other people wanting to try it out.

    • annstrongheart says:

      Kathleen: it was sooo easy. All I did was take weed control gardening fabric (which now I am realizing I could’ve just as easily used the unused colorful bedsheet I have that doesn’t want to stay on the mattress and save $10) any way I just made pockets with the material and stapled the heck out of them! I think we probably used 500 staples on it LOL pallet, fabric, staples, soil, plants. That’s it. I actually found DIY videos on youtube and other websites and then decided that the pockets would work best for us. 😀

    • annstrongheart says:

      I am going to make a few more (knock on wood…literally have to go acquire some more pallets) and I’ll try to take pictures and do a post when I do.

  3. I think the one you don’t recognize looks as if it might be spinach. This is an awesome post! Love those pallet gardens!

    • annstrongheart says:

      spinach?? really?? the one that looks grassish in the round black container?? I totally would’ve guessed basil or lettuce. Hmmm 😀

      • Definitely not basil. I’m growing that in a huge pot alongside rosemary, coriander and parsley and yours looks nothing like basil.

      • annstrongheart says:

        LOL Okay I had to go and google it. I honestly did not think that spinach looked like that when it sprouted. But I guess it does! Wow! So I guess my big clear tote/tub that I thought Cece dumped the spinach seeds in isn’t spinach then it has to be lettuce. This is definitely going to be a “surprise” garden b/c I have just completely lost track of what’s planted where. About the only things I am sure of are the tomatoes, radishes, peas, strawberry and the flowers are well flowers LOL I am sooo loving this! Hey Kathleen, I did try to take pictures of the process of making a pallet planter but the pallet I had was in very very sad condition so I ended up just using lots of fabric and kinda sorta just throwing it all together. You can see the finished product on my next post. Hopefully the next one I make will be easier and I’ll remember to take more pictures throughout the entire process. Plus Cece was helping today so there just simply wasn’t enough hands nor attention to be able to snap pictures. I was too busy trying to keep Cece from running away with my hammer and experimenting with the stapling gun LOL

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