Happiness Daily 06/01/12

Happiness is….

Going shopping first thing in the morning @ the warehouse store and buying cases of food.  I think we did pretty well especially when you compare it to my blog post Shopping Day in Nunam Iqua that I wrote back in Jan. 2009.

braved the 1st of the month crowds (key was to go before 10 a.m.!) and picked up cases of food from the wholesale food store today.

Let’s compare…

Today I bought:

46 cans of veggies                                                            $42.80

16 cans of beans                                                               $14.34

12 pkgs of pasta                                                                 $19.50

72 containers of fruit                                                      $33.19

66 servings of hashbrowns                                           $8.09

large pkg instant potatoes                                             $5.25

25 lbs of rice                                                                       $16.85

1 lb of my favorite coffee beans                                   $8.99

ooh and a pack of gum for the girls                             $0.79


TOTALING:                                                                     $149.80

Back in 2009 of course I didn’t buy the exact same things but here are some comparisons from the two shopping days.

In 2009 I paid 10.76 for 4 cans of veggies which averages to $2.69 a can whereas today I got 46 cans of veggies for an average of 93 cents a can.  Nearly 1/3 the price I paid out in the bush.  Back on the Yukon I got 6 cans of fruit cocktail for $17.34 so that’s 27 cents per ounce.  Today I paid 11 cents per ounce for 72 containers of fruit again nearly 1/3 the cost.   Back then I paid $6.45 for a pound of pasta, today I paid  $1.48 per pound for 13.20 lbs of pasta WOW that’s nearly 4 and a half times less than it was in the bush.   Three years ago I paid $2.07 a pound for rice today I paid  67 cents a pound.  Again 1/3 the cost.

I shudder to think what the cost difference would be for fresh products like meats, veggies, eggs, dairy etc.  Granted we are on the road system here in Kenai which obviously makes an immense difference!

It just feels good to have my pantry nearly full and my cupboards and freezer full.  It’s very comforting after the struggle for food and fuel that happened out on the Yukon and across bush Alaska back in the winter of 2008/2009.

More Happiness…..

Cecelia had an absolute amazing day today.  She was just bursting with social skills!  First off this morning she asked Glenna for a hug.  Then she said hi and bye to people at the store when we went shopping.  Later she insisted that she had to talk on the phone when I was trying to talk to her care coordinator.  She said Hi L****** and Bye L******* wasn’t much but I can’t remember her ever wanting to talk on the phone before.

Then we had a potential dayhab provider come over for an interview and Cece absolutely loved her.  Cece got dressed and kept taking the dayhab worker’s hand while telling her “Come on, Let’s go!”  and then telling me “Bye, Mom!  Love you!  Kiss me!”  Cece just kept saying “Come on”  and was telling this lady “Go have have fun!”  “Let’s go!”

Watching her interact with this new provider was awesome.  Cece is really starting to develop some social skills.  She might not be able to have an actual conversation the way you and I would but she is getting better and better each day at learning to express herself!

I’ll end today’s Happiness with a massive slide show (90+ photos) of pictures that I took today.  Mostly pictures of the girls at the park this afternoon.  We had a blast playing.  Plus there is a picture of one of our containers in our container garden that has lettuce and spinach starting to sprout in it.  And another container that Cece decided needs some flowers in it so Cece put dandelions in it LOL

Happiness galore!  Hope everyone had a great Friday, ours as you can see was full and happily wonderful. 😀


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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