Happiness Daily 5/30/12


Today was a long day but yet it seemed to go by fast.  Cece had 2 1/2 hours of therapies this morning.  While she was working Glenna and I took a walk around Soldotna.  We went to Freddy’s looked at their overpriced garden center, then we wandered over to the Wednesday Market.  We visited with the vendors there, many recognized us and us them from our weekly trips to the market last year.  Then we wandered over to the totally awesome Soldotna Creek Park. Of course I forgot my digital camera but found this picture on a great blog…

Glenna had a great time playing there.  She has become extremely brave and isn’t afraid to try any slides we encounter.  She even did the big long spiraling tube slides!  She makes me smile and laugh when she swings on the swings.  It’s like she is having so much fun and is so full of joy that it just bubbles out of her in a continuous stream of giggling laughter the entire time she swings.   The weather might have been gloomy and threatening rain today but Glenna was  a pure ray of giggly energetic sunshine.

After about 35 minutes we had to start heading back to get Cece.  We stopped at another park on the way there, Glenna really wanted park time today.  We arrived back at therapy and snuck back to check on Cece.  We were trying to find her Occupational Therapist because today was her last day working there and we wanted to give her a goodbye/thank you present.  We thought we were being sneaky, because we know that if Cece sees us during therapy….all bets are off!  She gets so distracted by us that she won’t stay on task and thinks that she’s allowed to use me as an excuse to not do her exercises/tasks.  Sigh… Cece spotted us despite our attempt to dive into one of the therapy rooms to hide.  She was currently in a PT session and I had not met her new PT therapist.  I apologized profusely and was thankful that there was only 5-10 minutes left of the session.

We found the OT therapist and said our goodbyes and thank yous.  Then we got ready to come home.  Once we got home it was time for a quick lunch and then Cece was off for 4 hours of respite care.  Her respite worker showed up while Cece was still eating lunch and once Cece saw here she went into a panicked flurry.  “Put pants on”, “Go play!”, “I love you, Kiss me!”, “Put shoes on”, “Put coat on”, “Sunglasses”, “carseat, backpack” .  Cece kept saying all of those things while running in circles not exactly sure which one to do first but knowing that those are all the things she needed to do so she could “Go have fun!”   She loves her respite worker and I am very happy that she gets so excited when she sees her.

So I had much happiness today.  My last happiness is these…..

very tired Cece after a long full fun day!

Tired Glenna lying on a bed she made in the living room

Sigh… Such joy in seeing your children happily exhausted after a fun fulfilling day!  Now they are sound asleep; down for the night and I am off to do some beading while watching my current addicting TV show…. LOST!  😀

Happiness Daily

Each day is a challenge that we all must face
It’s simply a part of being in the human race
We encounter the day ready for what it might bring
Knowing that we can face anything

Our children bring light, love and joy
Whether they’re a girl or a boy
We revel always as we watch them grow
Amazement, wonder our faces do show

Look how they change, see how they blossom
Each new task, new accomplishment, new word….awesome
Over a year it’s been since we moved here
Escaping the threats, hurt and the fear

So much has changed, so much we’ve grown
A new path in this life we have been shown
The happiness, joy, contentment and love
Proud of our lives as I look to above

We’re here, we’re safe, we have a great life
Love, happiness, peace no longer strife
These feelings of greatness, pride, love and strength
Overflow no way to measure their length

So ahead we move on, we cherish each day
Take time to have fun, give hugs, lots of play
To all I have but one hope for you each
Live on, happiness is always within reach

Struggles and battles will always be here
But overcome them all, you will, my dear
Remember each day the things that were happy and good
Thankful for everything, you always should

Close my eyes, remember, and know in my heart
That he is always here although we’re apart
Each day we miss him, my husband, my love
But carry on, be happy, make him proud as he watches from above


About annstrongheart

About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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