Mr. and Mrs. Segundo Strongheart                      Married: March 9, 2007

Five years!!  Seems so long ago that this happy picture was taken.  Truly one of the happiest days of my life.  Our time together was simply too short.  This anniversary is difficult, the tears they do flow.  But revel in the love, joy, and happiness you’ve given me ….the girls.

Staying busy that’s the plan.  Not a hard thing to do with two little girls 😀  Glenna is on day 8 of potty training.  She’s doing awesome!!  In eight days she’s only had a TOTAL of 4 accidents.  Granted she does still wear a diaper to bed and during nap time but all the rest of the time she uses the potty.  Glenna is quite proud of herself in this endeavor, as am I.  She announces aka yells “YEAH ME!!!!  Pee pee in the potty!!  High five, Mom!!”  Today we are working on transitioning from the pretty pretty princess potty seat to the actual toilet.  Not an easy task since our only bathroom is upstairs and we spend our days downstairs but so far so good!! She’s really getting the hang of this!

Glenna painting

Cece was following Glenna’s example for the first two days and using the potty.  Now unfortunately she’s lost all interest….again.  All her therapists say that they don’t think she’s ready.  I agree but I am going to see I can’t make some progress this next week during Spring break 😀  Our biggest obstacle is Cece’s sensory issues.  She has no clue when she has to go potty not even when it’s making a puddle at her feet.  She doesn’t feel it.  It’s not until she notices the puddle and wants to play in what she thinks is water, but still makes no connection of how it got there.  I’ll see what we can accomplish during Spring break.  Heck even if we only save a couple of diapers a day any progress will be worth it 😀

Cece painting

We had a special anniversary dinner.  I spoiled us and ordered from one of the local restaurants.  It was a wonderful special treat.  We finished our evening looking over pictures of Segundo and talking about “daddy”, an activity we do nearly everyday.

Although I spent this anniversary without my beloved husband it was a good day.  A day of  cherished and shared memories, loving time spent with the girls all knowing that Segundo was here, in spirit, celebrating with us and sharing his continued love.

“No Mr. Moose, we know it’s a hard winter, and we know that you’re hungry but Mommy says you can’t come in. Sorry!”

Cece playing dress up with one of the hairpins I made. She was pretending it was a head dress and dancing.


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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One Response to Anniversary

  1. FEDUP!!! says:

    Nice pics! Good luck with the project of potty training… {{{HUGGGZZZ}}}!

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