Our “Pet” fish

Well we have a new addition to the Strongheart family.  His name is Dorie, he’s a blue Beta.

Cecelia’s friend has been taking her to the pet store to explore once a week and I guess Cece has fallen in love with the fish.  Cecelia has been asking or more like demanding “No I hold it” when they look at the containers of Betas.  Her friend hinted that I shouldn’t be surprised if one shows up on my door step.  Well yesterday one mysteriously appeared when Cece and her friend “M” came home..  “M” came in and announced that she found it on my porch and that it was a good thing she found it before it froze.

So Santa came early and delivered Cece a fish yesterday.  “M” adores Cece and vice versa and “M” just had to ask Santa to give Cece a fish yesterday.  Don’t get me wrong I love “M” and am very thankful to have found such a wonderful person to care for Cece but a FISH???!!!  REALLY??!!

Cecelia has an absolute obssession and zero impulse control when it comes to any liquids.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve fished various toys and stuffed animals out of my dishwater because Cece decided they needed a bath.  Since Glenna got her doll house for her birthday there have been many times that I’ve discovered the play bathtub full of water from Glenna’s sippy cup and various toys getting a bath.  All liquids have to be kept out of Cece’s reach or I end up with bowls/containers full of bubble bath, dish detergent etc.

So the thought of a fish bowl full of water with a fish in it seems troublesome.  But Cece sure loves her fish!  Yesterday after said aquatic animal arrived and said respite Santa left I proceeded to rinse the new fish bowl and rocks to put in it.  The Beta I thought was safely on the counter beside me out of Cece’s reach.  LOL yeah the fish wasn’t quite out of reach or Cece’s just getting too tall, because when I turned around after dumping the rocks in the fish bowl Cece had the fish.  To my horror she had not only gotten hold of the fish container but also taken the lid off and had the fish in her HAND and was PETTING it!!

I ran over and rescued the fish and got it settled in it’s fish bowl all the while hoping that it would survive Cece’s “petting” it.  Sigh….  so far so good.  I kept a close eye on the lil aquatic beastie all evening and Dorie seems to be alive and well today although his fins do seem a tad droopy.

I called “M” and told her what happened and she told me not worry that she wasn’t expecting the fish to live long and if anything happened she’d understand.  Yep she sure knows my daughter.  Well Cece kept trying to get her fingers in the water while I was on the phone with “M” and I decided to take an old plastic margarine container lid cut some holes in it and duct tape it over the top of the fish bowl.  “M” suggested the duct tape LOL

So now not only did I duct tape the lid onto the fish bowl but also for safety reasons since it’s a glass bowl I duct taped the bowl to my desk.  So now hopefully Dorie is safe and sound and Cece will not be able to cause it any harm.  It might not be the prettiest fish bowl but the fish is safe and Cece can enjoy her new pet.

I am skeptical about the lifespan of Dorie but I will keep very close watch.  Part of my concern comes from some of the things Cece is saying about her fish.  Dorie has turned out to be a great speech therapy resource encouraging Cece to talk about her fish.  Cece keeps telling me “Eat it!! mmmm Fish!!!” “Cake, eat it mmm Fish!”  I am going to interpret these statements as Cece wanting to feed the fish cake!!!  Because if one day Dorie goes missing or if I discover Cece has Dorie in her mouth I am gonna freak out!! LOL  I think it could be that Cece is looking at the rainbow colored rocks in the bottom of the fish bowl and thinking that they are candy??  Yeah that’s it!!  Please dear Lord don’t let Cece eat her fish 😦

Glenna doesn’t seem all that impressed with our new addition.  She has only acknowledged Dorie’s existence a couple of times but she calls it “Pretty fish”!

Well that’s the story of our new “Pet” fish.  Hopefully Dorie will live a long and uneventful life bringing joy to Cecelia and not too much stress for me LOL


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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9 Responses to Our “Pet” fish

  1. FEDUP!!! says:

    LOL! Oh boy, what joy kids can be…! 😉
    Be careful that Cece will not try to eat the gravel! If she *should* eat the fish, think of it like if she ate sushi… 😉
    That said… how are you going to FEED the fish, since you have duct taped the bowl? If Cece sees you a couple of time taking off the tape, she will eventually figure out how to open the bowl.

    (If/when that happens, may I suggest to get one of those mechanical fishbowls next time – plastic fish that swim in a sealed plastic bowl, and they are ‘driven’ by some motor.
    Here is one version: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fake-Fish-Tank-Aquarium-/310273311864?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item483dbb0478

    Another one, but not too realistic, I guess: http://www.amazon.com/Aquarium-Lamp-Fish-Revolving-Aquatic/dp/B003WKJJHK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1322949468&sr=8-1

    • annstrongheart says:

      LOL FEDUP!!! Don’t worry I didn’t completely cover the top I left the 4 holes exposed so I can feed the fish through the holes. And I am told that it only has to be fed one pellet two times a week so I can do that when Cece’s not around.

  2. M says:

    LOL no fake fish on my watch for my little buddy……I’d be happy to get her another. She has come so far with the pets at the pet store. Feel lucky we didn’t get a bird (LOL) as she is telling me what the bird says now and likes going in the room with them. She has even learned to ask the workers to let her in. Big differance from when we first started going in there. She is learning and this is part of it. I’m so proud of her and all that she is learning with it. In time she will know what needs to be done. If that brings her joy, happiness and conversation then right on. I’m smiling as I write this. She is very adamant about holding them I know. Only in time will she understand fish can’t be held. However fish are therapeutic to watch and she loves it. She has to check on the big Oscar (fish) they have there when we go in. She grabs my hand and off we go. She practically drags me to it. He even put on a show for her the last time we were there. I just love watching her do all that she does. So far we have managed to do Fancy Pants, Jumpin Junction, and Our best friends. Not to mention McDonalds. Always looking for new things for us to do. Life is an adventure.
    Truly “M”

    • annstrongheart says:

      aww “M” we love you!! You are truly a god send to our little family. 😀

      • M says:

        Well Thank you! I just love you guys too. What little sunshines you have. God has blessed you well mama. Your such a good mom to those babies, and they love you.

    • annstrongheart says:

      sorry “M” I didn’t see your first comment pop up at 1 p.m. that’s why I didn’t approve it until just now 😀 I have all comments going into moderation for my approval before they are posted on my blog thanks to not only some of the spam comments I receive but also due to my ExBF’s harrassing comments 😐

  3. FEDUP!!! says:

    Well, I am sooo glad all is working out, Ann and ‘M’!
    Yes, I did see that you had left some holes in the top, but somehow I assumed that eventually she would be able to pull the bowl off the fastener and empty it, and the fish might have to gasp a bit too long before you notice it… 😉
    ‘M’: You sound like a very caring person! I am glad that you are around for Cece and Ann! Sounds like Cece is learning by leaps and bounds, and maybe will make a break-through soon. 😉 (I wonder how she will react when big Oscar is sold…:/)
    {{{HUGGGZZZ}}} to everyone, and stay warm and safe up there!

    • annstrongheart says:

      LOL well so far she’s letting Dorie be. She checks on him occasionally and tells me all about him but has so far stopped trying to pet him! And yes “M” is awesome!! Very thankful to have such a wonderful friend 😀

  4. M says:

    Thank you Fedup for your kind remarks! I do care about people but kids, animals, and the elderly are my favorite. I do understand your concern about the fish. Trust I have thought of this. I can only hope I didn’t miss anything in my thinking. LOL and that is always possible for me! We just have to start somewhere with her on this as her interest is up..
    The Oscar has been in the store forever…I don’t even think he is for sale now. He has been sick for a while and they are treating him with meds. he seems to be doing ok so far. So, yes my concern is when he is no longer there for her to see. Not quite sure how I will exsplain that one. Most likely I will tell her he found a new home. She I am hoping will understand that since we have now brought a fish to her home. That day we drove past Jumpin Junction ( she loves it there ) she yelled JUMP JUMP JUMP! “However when I told her we will go another day we have to get your fish home. She quited down after that. All I can do is hope. I guess I will have to cross that bridge when it comes. Still that fish has managed to be in there for more then a year.
    Thanks Ann I enjoy your friendship as well…..I’m Thankful you and the girls are in my life. God has blessed me well even with your little family. I’ll see you soon. In the mean time be safe. Tell my little friend I am thinking of her and hope she is feeling better soon. We have Christmas shopping to do FUN FUN FUN
    CeCe and break throughs well we are getting somewhere. We can all learn. We just have to find what works for that person in their learning and go with it, CeCe is an AWESOME youg girl.

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