Then…later…now Part 12

Continuing on…..

Home!!  We have a HOME!!  After about 100 days in the King Salmon shelter and then 141 days at the shelter here in Kenai, 684 days since my beloved husband, Segundo, had died, we finally had a home.  We were finally successfully getting back on our feet.

Our own home!!  No sharing our living space with others.  No one trying to control our lives.  No walking on egg shells.  My rules, my space, my home…OUR HOME!!

Our living room and my office or well desk where I do my writing and bead work.

What an absolutely glorious feeling!  We now have a two-story two bedroom town home.   Our new home is located within easy walking distance of everything but still away from any busy streets that could cause safety issues for the girls.  A beautiful cul de sac which reduces the likeliness of cars speeding by.  We have a back yard with a view of trees.  Real trees not like the bushes back on the Yukon LOL.

The view from our back door.

The girls have their own room and I have my own room 😀  This is the first time Cecelia and Glenna have their own room.  Cecelia has always shared a room with me ever since the day she was born so she’s having to learn to sleep in her own room.  Thus far she’s learning but it’s a long and slow process.  But I don’t mind all that much because I now have a full-size bed so there’s always room for a snuggly little girl and her stuffed puppy ;-D

Our kitchen

Our lives have changed so much this past couple of years.  We, Cece, Segundo and I, were living happily in Nunam Iqua.  We had our little house there.  We were off the road system, we did lots of fishing, hunting and gathering.  We didn’t have running water, we used a honey bucket and traveled 12-25 miles up river to get our groceries and sometimes our fuel.  Life was good although it wasn’t easy, we were expecting our second child, we were happpy.

Looking into the dining room

Now we are again happy having survived more hardships than I’d like to recall.  We still number three but of course the dynamic has changed for now it is just me and my girls.  Everything is so different we have a much larger home with running water, flush toilet, dishwasher, washer/dryer, etc.  We can walk to the store, we are on the road system.  There is tons of services to help Cecelia with her special needs and also support services for me too.

Cece helping me make cookies

Although we are moving forward without our beloved Segundo we are moving forward.  Sometimes I sit and wonder what it would be like if Segundo were here with us but then I realize that we wouldn’t be here if Segundo was still with us.  Although it is quite easy to imagine him here with us.

The girls winding down after a long day

So we now have a home that is just ours.  Thanks to donations from friends and strangers , via the shelter, we have made our new house a home.  Without this help we wouldn’t have much, heck without the monetary donations we wouldn’t have been able to put a deposit and pay rent two months ahead.  I will forever be thankful for everyone that helped us get back on our feet!!

Cece at the dining room table admiring all the produce we got from the farmers market

Glenna playing with playdoh

Glenna on the stairs in time out

Cece waiting for the school bus

YEAH!!! We have a dishwasher!!!

AND a washer and dryer!!!

awww my new chest freezer! With a heavy folding table on top to keep curious/mischievious Cece out!

my desk/office thanks to a dear new friend who gave it to us!

my new laptop. Isn't it pretty!! My gift to myself with this years PFD. It replaces my poor 7 y/o laptop which is now retired to become the Netflix/movie computer!

To be concluded in the next post….


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About me...hmmm where to start. I'm a proud single/widowed mom of two beautiful girls who currently works full time for the local Tribe. Life. Is. AWESOME!
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2 Responses to Then…later…now Part 12

  1. FEDUP!!! says:

    It looks like you are settled! Good for you! I also know that *you* know that Gundo is with you all the time, and I am pretty sure he approves of what you have achieved for the three of you! {{{HUGGGZZZ}}}

  2. Dear Ann, I just found your blog today and have read through all the entries about your daughters and your husband’s loss and how you came to your new home. We have a grandson whose diagnosis is moderate to severe autism. When he was Cece’s age, four, he could speak only about 15 words that we could understand. Often, he screamed in frustration and/or banged his head purposely on the floor when we could not understand what he wanted. Sensory overload was a big problem as well. Our daughter did some research on the Web; she and her husband decided to get him some special vitamins with 100% of the recommended daily dose of all the B-vitamins and biotin. They added an orange-flavored fish-oil supplement, and replaced dairy with rice milk. He had been attending a special-needs preschool class through the school district since he was 2-1/2. Between his birthday on Oct. 21 and Christmas that year of his 4th birthday, he went from 15 words to hundreds. He is now ten, in fourth grade, and mostly in the special needs classroom for students with autism spectrum disabilities. He’s amazingly smart, loves the computer, and reads and does math well. Perhaps you would like to ask your doctor about supplementing Cece’s diet with B-vitamins and fish oil, both of which support nervous system function? Best wishes to you and your daughters.

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