Riding in Cabs with Cab drivers!

Well after last nights serious post on depression and suicide I thought I’d lighten things up tonight.  I was talking to a friend this evening on FB and some how our conversation turned to cab drivers.  As the girls and I are in cabs six times a week going to and from Cecelia’s various therapies I have encountered many.

Now when you are in a cab for 1/2 hour six times a week you quickly learn that cab drivers are kind of like bartenders or lay counselors.  The stories they have heard could easily fill a book.  I have had many conversations with various cab drivers, some I enjoyed and others I was counting down the seconds until we arrived at our destination!

Now here in the Kenai area the cab companies still use VHF radios to communicate not only with each other but also to receive calls from people needing a cab.  So this in and of itself can be quite entertaining to listen to while you are in the cab.  But even more entertaining can be the conversations you have with the drivers, also they can be a little bit scary too.

Now for the entertaining part of this post.  I do not know or usually cannot remember the names of most of the cab drivers that we ride with.  Some we see more frequently than others but I have come up with my own list of names.  No offense intended if per chance one of said cab drivers reads this post!  

So here is my list of names/identifiers for the cab drivers I have ridden with in no particular order….

Mr. Sniffles  I do not know if this driver suffers from allergies or just has a perpetually runny nose but it’s all I can do to keep from pulling out a kleenex and asking him to blow his nose as he sniffles about 10 times a minute!!!

Mr. Pain in the Butt  This driver thought it was necessary to explain in GREAT detail to me why his butt hurt and that the cause of said butt pain was due to the drivers seat in which said body part had to remain most of the day.  Additionally he told me how he had alleviated this problem by stuffing some sort of plastic under one cheek to even things up!

Mr. I am having marriage problems and now have a restraining order out against me by my soon to be exwife.  No further explanation necessary I don’t think with this one!

Mr. I can’t keep a steady speed if my life depended on it!  I do not know if this driver just can’t feel the gas pedal or doesn’t know how to properly use one but when riding with him we coast and then he accelerates and so on and so forth!  Cruise control DUDE!!!  Come on!! We might have to deal with whip lash if we ride with you on a regular basis!

Mr. My wife is running for political office and I am promoting her to every fare I have!!  Again no further explanation necessary!

Mr. Cutie Puddle Parker.  Ok I do know this ones name but won’t divulge it.  But in my opinion he is by far the cutest driver we rarely have the priviledge of riding with but he does have the uncanny ability to always park so that when I get out of the cab I have to step in a puddle.  From having discussed this particular driver with others I guess I am not the only one that has had to deal with always getting out into a puddle.

Mr. Strange I cannot quite put my finger on what is up with this driver.  But I do not like riding with him.  There is something kinda scary strange about his overly nice demeanor and the things that he shares about his wife and family.

Mr. My wife/girlfriend calls me a million times during the day and I won’t answer my cell phone anymore when I am driving but will tell you why she’s driving me insane.  Again no further explanation needed

Mr. Helpful  I like riding with this cab driver because he always gets out and helps me get the stroller and car seats into the car and is actually quite pleasant to talk to.

Ms. I am too stubborn to replace the mic on my VHF despite the fact that it is barely attached by two bare wires that are probably going to shock the hell out of me one day!  I love this lady she’s a kick in the pants to talk to and always cracks me up.

Mr. I like to complain about all my coworkers and tell you the ins and outs of life as a cab driver!  

Now don’t get me wrong I have the utmost respect and admiration for these people.  They have to have one of the hardest jobs here on the peninsula.  Not only are they dealing with people from various walks of life and having to put up with drunks and screaming children while driving but also they have to get us too and from our destinations safely.  I truly think that they are by far the safest drivers on the road.  They have to multitask especially if they happen to be answering the phones.  The phone will ring over the VHF and they have to answer the call, while driving and keep notes on what fares are going where and also the rotation of the other drivers and who to send where.  It is truly an amazing feat!

Quyana all the AlaskaCab drivers here on the Kenai Peninsula!  Without y’all many of us wouldn’t be able to make it here!!


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